Difference between Counseling and Coaching

What is the difference between Counseling and Coaching?

Great question! Many independent and corporate clients ask What is the difference in Counseling and Coaching?

Momentum Good suggests Counseling when a client's goal is to focus on healing trauma, processing past life events, or better understanding a current mental state.

A client is ready for Coaching when there is a desire to strategize and move forward to complete tangible, finite goals or enter a particular new style of life.

In general, counseling could have a specific length of time or be open-ended as it explores the inner self. Whereas, Coaching naturally has a clear beginning, middle, and end finishing on target within a predetermined timeline. However, because Momentum Good ;) builds active progress from a strongly grounded foundation, elements of counseling and coaching often blend in and out of all sessions, adapting to the environment at hand.