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Momentum Good ;)

Unique Approaches to Individual, Interpersonal & Community Wellness 

The Momentum Good ;) philosophy grounds persistent growth and lasting change in natural principles of motivation, habit and balance to achieve success defined by the individual or group. In a day and age where excess is the root cause of mental, physical, social and environmental setback, good is not the enemy of great... consistent good makes great sustainable.

Animal Assisted Therapy, Human-Animal Interaction, Human-Nature Connection and experiential learning environments express some of the unique customization available to Momentum Good ;) clients.

Natural elements of daily life can be the simplest and most effective teachers through hands-on engagement, natural consequences, and professional guided reflection. By quieting the mind, connecting with the Self and tapping into gut wisdom, internal energy and eternal stamina become available without jadedness, stress, burnout or sarcasm. 

Authentically channeled enthusiasm brings an even-keel, positive momentum that lasts through the most challenging times while still having energy to smile.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Master's of Social Work

EMDR Therapy

Nature-based & Experiential Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy & Activities

IPEC certified Life Coach & ELI Master Practitioner

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